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Private Drum Lessons
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Official Policy

Fee: Lesson fee is due in full upon the last lesson of each month for the following month. If you are unable to be at the last lesson, either pay at the first lesson of the month or mail the check (please, no post dated checks) – NO EXCEPTIONS. You are paying in advance for only those lessons you are sure you will be able to attend. However, if you plan to be absent most of any particular month, you must still pay for no less than two of the lessons in order to hold your spot. The exceptions to this would be if I were to be gone for a lesson or two or your lesson falls on an officially recognized holiday.

  • $25/30 minute lesson
  • $35/45 minute lesson
  • $45/1 hour lesson
  • $50/each bi-weekly or occasional 1-hour lesson
    (I consider these like back-to-back 30-minute lessons.)

Please plan ahead for missed lessons, as refunds/credits will not be given. If you forget, plan another activity, have a sports event or simply don’t want to show up for your lesson, there will be no adjustments in fee the following month. If I miss a lesson during the month and you have already paid for it, then you will pay for one less lesson the following month or we will make up the lesson time. The payment is still due at the last lesson of the month but the amount will reflect one fewer lesson if we didn’t make up the time already. Should you need to terminate your lessons I require a two-week notice before the last lesson. If you inform me of your decision at the last minute, then you will still owe me two more weeks of payment so that I have time to fill the time slot. Also, please observe some courtesy and give me 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a lesson so I can make other plans with your time slot for the day.

Materials: Please remember to bring all books, sticks, lesson notebooks, CD’s or sheet music needed for each lesson, as these tools are imperative for productivity. The last lesson of each month is dedicated to either listening to music, selected by you or myself, or “student choice” which could be anything you wish to cover. Please plan ahead and bring the needed materials for that day.

Be on time: Plan ahead; allow plenty of time to drive and find parking- if you are tardy, the lesson will still end at the regular time.

Be prepared: Budget adequate practice time in order to have all areas of your lesson plan covered and all goals reached on a weekly basis. Progress is made only when you discipline yourself to practice. Pay close attention to any practice tips that I will either write down or tell you. Remember, lessons are worthless without practice!

Important Info: It is very important that the student and I have very good communication as we proceed in the course of his or her studies. I am not a mind reader. I can and will make observations as to what areas of weakness should receive attention in dealing with general skills. However, there must be specific feedback on either the student’s part or the parents concerning the goals that have been set and how I can help him or her reach them. As time goes on, there will inevitably be some changes in what each student wants to achieve. Please feel free to talk with me about any and all aspects of this great instrument as I, and hopefully the student, will remain open and optimistic in the pursuit of excellence.

Bryon Atterberry
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Before your first lesson, please download, print and sign the PDF regarding Bryon's Lesson Policies.
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