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The Mechanics Of Drumming

Bryon's new video, "The Mechanics of Drumming" is a completely new take on instructional drum videos. Instead of being dazzled with chops, Bryon gives the viewer a no-nonsense approach to fundamentals that all players- from beginning to advanced - need in order to play with greater feel and stamina. This video covers well-known items such as matched and traditional grips, finger control as well as Moeller and double stroke roll techniques, but does so with an emphasis on economy of effort and precision that guarantee the best sounding and feeling tracks and gigs you've ever played.

The cost of the video is $25.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. To order your copy now, use the PayPal button at the right, or visit the Contact Bryon page.

Attn: Private Instructors - The Mechanics of Drumming can act as a great supplement for your own students. The video itself doesn't contain specific exercises so you can use the DVD to augment your own unique approach. Email me today and I will send you special pricing information when you purchase two or more DVDs.

Here's what others are saying about "The Mechanics of Drumming"-

"Bryon Atterberry is serious about hand technique. With just a drum pad and thorough commentary, he'll have you either checking out your own hands or nodding in agreement. Atterberry's presentation on this DVD is recommended to teachers and students alike."
-Modern Drummer Magazine,
January, 2008

"I watched your video, man- what a great video, man....the information you gave them was incredible...and it all makes so much sense, especially when they hear you play- that's all they have to do is hear you play, man..."
-Joe Porcaro, L.A. Studio Legend, Los Angeles Music Academy

“I thought your video was great! Nice hands man! Your video covers the greatly overlooked technical aspects of different grips and how to maintain a relaxed playing position in a fun and inspiring way. I even had to pull out my pad and refresh my muscle memory on a few of the exercises! Staying relaxed while playing and practicing is a lesson that musicians at every level should be conscience of anytime they play. Students who have ever experienced pain while playing will learn ways to relax their arms and hands while gaining greater technical control over the instrument. I can see this really helping students!"
-Brad Boal

“First off, let me say great job. The topics, presentation, and production are all first-rate. Your demonstrations and explanations of the various hand techniques are both detailed yet simple, clear, and to the point. The topics are timeless and applicable for any level of drummer, from raw beginner to advanced pro. This instructional DVD is set apart from others because it is so simple, not overly long, and uncomplicated--no drum set, no solos--just you and the practice pad. I loved it. Your presentation was natural and personable. Again, congratulations on a great work. I will heartily recommend it to my students and band directors that I run into.”
-Ken French

“The mechanics of drumming is a great resource for any student or professional who is serious about the conditioning needed to be a drummer. Bryon walks through the most fundamental aspects of stroke production, rebound, stick control and hand positions and demonstrates these techniques with mastery. This is a video that needs to be studied. There is a lot of detail with terrific camera angles showing the hand and arm motions. This is a resource that can be drawn on over and over.”
-Scott Ketron

"Bryon's DVD is a great resource for drummers of all levels. A thorough, in-depth, and comprehensive study, it addresses the most important and fundamental issues. Beginner or professional, student or teacher, you'll find a wealth of information on this video."
-Mark Ivester

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