Bryon Atterberry Drum Studios

Bryon's Gear

DW Drums Natural Satin Oil Finish

  • 18x22 Kick
  • 5x14 10/6 maple snare
  • 8x10 tom
  • 9x12 tom
  • 11x14 tom
  • 13x16 tom
  • 6x10 PDP SX Series Snare

I use Aquarian drum heads

Cymbals - Zildjians

  • 20” Avedis Medium Ride
  • 22” K Pre-Aged Ride
  • 17” A Custom Crash
  • 16” A Custom Crash
  • 15” A Custom Crash
  • 13” A Custom Hihats
  • 13” K/Z Hihats
  • 14” K Mini China
  • 10” K Splash
  • 8” A Custom Splash

Hardware – DW

  • 9000 Double Pedal
  • 9000 Hi Hat Pedal
  • Way too many other stands and accessories to list!


  • Vic Firth Harvey Mason Signature Model
  • Vic Firth Brushes

Other Goodies

  • Real Feel Practice Pads
  • Remo Tunable Practice Pads
  • Hansen-Futz Practice Pedal
  • Power Wrist Builder Brass Sticks (use them ONLY on pads and NEVER on gig days!)
  • Boss Dr. Beat DB 90 and DB 88 Metronomes
  • Roland R5 Human Rhythm Composer Drum Machine (older than dirt but still works great!)
  • Yamaha Peter Erskine Free Standing Stick Bag
  • LP Conga, cowbells, shakers.


This is the size of kit I use on most gigs: Basic 4 piece with my beloved Zildjians.

Here’s a 5.5 piece kit (.5 for the 10” snare) I use when the stage size allows. I get bored quickly so I like to have different snare sounds to pull from. This gives the pop tunes more variety.

Here’s the big one. I don’t often pull out the 6.5 piece except for those studio sessions where I know the engineer well and the music calls for it. It is fun, however, to watch the guys get flustered from the need for lots of microphones.

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